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Department of Assamese
About The Department
The Department of Assamese of the DCB Girls’ College, Jorhat was established in 1955 with the aim of catering to the middle level and higher educational needs of the women students. The department started teaching in the Pre-University, higher secondary and degree levels from its inception. Honours (Major) level was introduced in 1965 to satisfy the higher educational needs of the students.

From the very beginning, the department had the benefit of many learned teachers. Some of the members of its faculty even earned social laurels : (1) Hari Prasad Neog was chosen the General Secretary of the Asom Sahitya Sabha ; (2) Late Jatindra Nath Goswami was elected the President of Asom Sahitya Sabha; (3) The Sahitya Academy Award winner Dr Nagen Saikia who was a former teacher of the college , moved toDibrugarh University and was later elected a Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha); (4) Dr. Basanta Kumar Goswami was also twice elected the General Secretary of the Asom Sahitya Sabha; (5) Dr (Ms.) Minonti Hazarika was honoured with literary pension from Assam Government; (6) Dr (Ms.) Punya Baruah was awarded a UGC Post Doctoral fellowship for research on folk-tales and she has submitted her thesis for the award of the D. Litt Degree of the Gauhati University; (7) Dr.Rupasree Goswami, a noted writer was also a member of the Jury of Sahitya Academy.

Current position of the Faculty Members, Qualification  & Designation
List of Visiting, Guest faculties and Part time Teachers
  1. Dibyajyoti Bora, 2013
  2. Dr.MunmiKonwar 2010
Mission of the Department

The mission of the department of Assamese of DCB Girls’ College is to serve the college/university, the region and the nation at large by:

  • Providing instruction at the college level in important representative language, literature and culture of Assam.
  • Contributing to the general education function of the college/university through instruction on the literature, culture and languages of Assam.
  • Offering knowledge on the courses framed by the parent University of Study leading to BA in Assamese language and literature.
  • Training undergraduate students who go on to use their knowledge and proficiency in Assamese language and literature in diverse professions and expertise, including business, government services and academia.
  • Expanding knowledge through exchanges of the ideas with students in diverse areas whether historical or descriptive basic or applied, concerning the languages, literatures and cultures of Assam.
  • Promoting educational and cultural exchanges between the various culture and literature association and educational institutions throughout Assam.
  • Collaborating with other academic units in interdisciplinary curricular.
  • Serving the region by means of the expertise and knowledge possessed by members of the department.
  • Sponsoring talks, colloquia, conferences, field studies and symposia that expose the general and college communities to intellectual and cultural trends related to Assamese language, literature and civilizations.

Overall, the motto of the department will be to make it a centre of excellence within ten years from 2016.

Vision of the Department

The department of Assamese of DCB Girls’ College is a renowned department engaged in teaching and service to representative languages and literature of Assam. The department places particular emphasis on treating Assamese language and literature in a broad humanistic context, taking care to examine it with reference to the cultural traditions within which they exist and have developed.

The department seeks to achievement effective balance among its various activities. Through its language and literature classes, it seeks to inculcate in students of graduate level, advanced abilities to utilize Assamese language for a multiplicity of purpose in a rapidly changing world. Through its courses on literature, language and culture, the department seeks to spread awareness of the contributions of Assam to the literary and cultural traditions of the world as a whole.

The department is situated in Jorhat, one of the thriving cultural and economic centres of Assam. As this region continues to expand its influence on the world’s stage, knowledge of Assam and Assamese people , its language, literature and culture is indispensible. The department plays a vital role in training the next generation of citizens to meet the challenges of an increasingly interrelated world. The department also takes pride in its status as a department of a ‘A’ grade college and a college which has a position and fame among the first tire higher education institutions of North-east India. This department has a long history of dedication to the study of the Assamese language and literature.

Current Faculty Members
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Mrs Manjula Bora,. M.A.
Associate Professor

Dr. Ranjan  Bhattacharyya, M.A.,Ph.D.
Associate Professor (HoD)

Shri Dipak Kumer Doley, M.A.
Associate Professor

Mrs. Bivajyoti Dutta, M.A.
Assistant Professor (Sinior Scale)

Mrs Nibedita Changkakoty, M.A., M Phil.
Associate Professor

Dr. Anjali Chutia Saikia, M.A., M. Phil.Ph.D
Assistant Professor (Senior Scale)

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