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Department of Philosophy
About The Department

The history of the Department of Philosophy of DCB Girls’ College is indeed as old as the college itself.  The subject of Philosophy was introduced since the inception of the college in 1955.  Ms. Jyotsna Barua was the founder teacher of the Department of Philosophy.  After a few years Ms. Barua left her job and Mrs. Bani Pathak joined the Department.  But due to untimely demise of Mrs. Bani Pathak the post had fallen vacant and Dr. Hem Kanta Hazarika joined the Department.  It is the proud of the Department of Philosophy that Dr. Hazarika became the Principal of the college for a long tenure since 1st January, 2003 to 30th April, 2011.  He has been working as a prestigious member of Peer Team of NAAC since 2011 and visited various Colleges all over the country.

In the year 1983 there were two vacancies in the Department one as Mrs. C.P. Barua joining in L.C. Bharali College, Guwahati and the other new post sanctioned by the Govt. of Assam.  Mrs. Kamala Dutta Bora and Dr. (Ms.) Jyotirmoyee Devi joined the Department in 1983.

The Department was without Major (Honours) in Degree level till 1992.  During the period the Department had remain content in teaching Logic in Higher Secondary level and Philosophy as a past course in Degree level.  After a lengthy process, yielding to all the formalities the Department started honors classes in 1992 with 8 numbers of students.  With the commencement of the honors classes, need of more teachers were urgently felt.  The Director of Public Instruction, Assam sanctioned two posts.  Subsequently, Mr. Padmalochan Nath and Ms. Nibedita bezboruah joined in the Department. As Ms Bezboruah left DCB Girls’ college to join in the J.B. college, Ms.Ratna Gogoi was selected and joined in the department of philosophy of the college.   After Hem Kanta Hazarika had become the Principal of the College, Ms. Snigdha Bora served for a few years in the post.  She left job as sh joined in J.B. College, Jorhat.  Then Mr. Anjan Kr. Borah joined the Department.  After retirement of Ms. Kamala Dutta Bora, Dr. (Mrs.) Snigdha Bora Neog joined the Department on 1st August, 2016.

Now, there are 111 major students and almost 76 non-major students of Philosophy in Degree level.

Vision of the Department

Philosophy is one of the fundamental study of human development with an inter-disciplinary approach.  It covers every aspect of human experience and goes beyond.  It highlights basic human value and spirit in global perspective and helps achieving the great ideal of “Bahujan hitaya : bahujan sukhaya”.

The faculty members of the Department devoted themselves in making the students well versed with the true spirit and knowledge of the subject, skilled them with a positive outlook and make them confident to face the challenges and thereby contribute a lot to the well being of society and the state.

Current Faculty Members
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Ms. Ratna Gogoi
M.A., Associate Professor

Padmalochan Nath
M.A, Assistant Professor

Dr. Snigdha Bora Neog
M.A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor

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