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Department of Physics
About The Department

The science Section of our college with Physics as one of the main subjects in Higher Secondary (+2) course was started in July, 1981. The department has been offering Bachelor of Science Course starting from the academic session 1987-88. The Major course in Physics was introduced in this college from the session 1995-96.

Apart from their academic responsibilities the faculties are also actively engaged in research in various emerging fields of the discipline. Faculty members are also guiding research students for their M.Phil. Degree. The faculty frequently participates, presents papers in National and International Conferences held in India.

Vision of the Department
“Providing a strong foundation in Physics by training students for quality, Physics education and equip them with such skills for higher studies.”
Current Faculty Members of the Department
  1. Sri Sailajananda Dowerah, M.Sc., Associate Professor.
  2. Mrs. Dipali Bora, M.Sc., M.Phill., Assistant Professor.
  3. Sri Bikash Sarma, M.Sc., Assistant Professor.
Current Faculty Members
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Sri Sailajananda Dowerah
M.Sc., Associate Professor

Ms. Dipali Bora
M.Sc., M.Phil., Assistant Professor

Mr. Bikash Sharma
M.Sc., Assistant Professor

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