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Department of Bengali
About The Department
The History of the Department of Bengali of DCB Girls’ College is indeed as old as the College itself Bengali as a subject was introduced since the inception of the college in the year 1955. The subject was introduced in two forms one as a compulsory subject known as MIL Bengali and the other was optional known as Bengali second language both the forms were for Higher Secondary class as Elective Bengali core. Honours course in Bengali (now known as Major) was introduced in the year 1994.

The Department was started by Mr. S.B. Guha Biswas, Miss Sunanda Das and Miss Sibani Biswas joind the department in the year 1960 and 1961 respectively. After retirement of Prof. Guha Biswas and resignation of Prof. Sibani Biswas, Dr. Tapan Deb, Dr. Sunanda Ghosh joined the department in the year 1972. Dr. Sunanda Ghosh left the college in the year 1984 and Prof. Pranata Deb Chakraborty joined the department from Mariani College in her place. In the year 2000, both Prof. Sunanda Das (Bhattacharjee) and Dr. Tapan Deb retired from their service and Dr Pradip Kr. Sarkar and Dr. Gouri Bhattacharjee joined in the department in the same year. Prof. Pranata Deb Chakraborty retired from her service in the year 2009.

Vision of the Department
Department of Bengali also offered valuable contribution regarding extra curricular activities specially in N.C.C. Prof Sunanda Das was founder of N.C.C. wing of D.C.B. Girls’ College in the year 1963.

The library facility for the students of our department is excellent. At present there are 1500 No. of Bengali Books in our college library. Besides these, we have also a small Departmental library.

The result of the examination in very good. From 2010 every year most of major and MIL students occupy first class. Most of them are studying in the Guwahati University, Assam Central University and Rabindra Bharoti University West Bengal and Law college, Jorhat. After complete the B.A., LLB and P.G. they are service various sector as Private bank and company. Some of them are practice in Jorhat Court. We try to more improve our departmental result.

  1. Departmental wall Magazine ‘Utthita’ are published by the student every year.
  2. Departmental magazine published by the student own hand writing on 2017.
  3. Importance of Bengali language and literature we take various extension activity programmes. As a guest teacher we taught language and literature two Bengali high school, Lakhi Union High School and Bharoti High School in Jorhat.
  4. Department related to various extension activity, and cultural programme in the college.
  5. We Want to introduce P.G. Course in Bengali in future.
Current Faculty Members
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Dr. Pradip Kr. Sarkar
M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D. (NET Qualified), Associate Professor

Dr. Gouri Bhattacharjee
M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. , Assistant Professor

D.C.B. Girls College

K.K. Baruah Road, Jorhat
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