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Department of English
About The Department
The Department of English of D.C.B. Girls’ College came into being in the very year of the establishment of the College in 1955. From the days of its inception under the stewardship of a group of dedicated teachers like Prof. K P Sinha, Dr. Prafulla Kotoky, Prof. Shreedhar Prasad, Dr. Pabitra Pran Goswami, Prof. Nirmali Sharma, Prof. Shanti Abraham, Prof. Rita Sharma, Prof Ranajana Baruah, Prof. Prafulla Rajguru, Dr. Abha Bhattacharyya, Prof Malabika Phukan and Prof. Arati Biswas, the department has grown from strength to strength to carve a name for itself as one of the best English Departments among the affiliated colleges under Dibrugarh University. Honours in English was introduced in the year 1962.
Vision of the Department
The English Department envisions in developing a deepened understanding of the English language among its students by inculcating the values of critical reading, effective writing and good communication skills. Besides preparing the students for the workplace, it believes in making them good citizens through a participatory community approach.
Current Faculty Members of the Department
  1. Prof. Nandita Mazumder, M.A., Associate Professor & Head of Department
  2. Prof. Dorothy G Momin, M.A., Assistant Professor
  3. Prof. Tapan Das, M.A., Assistant Professor
  4. Prof. Breez Mohan Hazarika, M.A., M.Phil., Associate Professor
List of Visiting Guest faculties and Part time Teachers
  1. Prof. Arati Biswas, M.A., M.Phil.
  2. Prof. Rajashree Dutta, M.A.
Current Faculty Members
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Prof. Nandita Mazumder
M.A. (Head of the department), Associate Professor

Prof. Dorothy G Momin
M.A., Assistant Professor

Prof. Tapan Das
M.A., Assistant Professor

Prof. Breez Mohan Hazarika
M.A., M.Phil., Associate Professor

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K.K. Baruah Road, Jorhat
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