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Department of History
About The Department

D.C.B Girls’ College, a premier institution for women education in the town of Jorhat in Upper Assam was established in the year 1955.  The department of History was established in same year of its establishment.  Since the time of its inception, the department has been striving to impart quality education to the student.  The effort of the pioneer teachers in this aspect is noteworthy.  A dedicated group of teachers who took the pain in establishing a full fledged Department were namely -

  • Late Smt. Lakhi Devi, M.A,Ph.D.
  • Late Sri Lokeswar Gogoi, M.A.
  • Late Smt Lokaprava Duarah, M.A.
  • Late Sri Pramatheswar Chaliha, M.A.
However Lt. Prof. Lakhi Devi did not render her service for long in the department.  During that period the teachings of the department were confined to the Pre University (Higher Secondary) with pass course only in undergraduate courses.  

Honours course (now major) was introduced in 1971-72 with two students only.  They were Mayuri Mazinder Boruah and Smti. Kalpana Handique.  Mayuri Mazinder Boruah secured Honours (Major) for the first time from the department.  Observing the increasing number of students and vastness of the course, the college authority had appointed Rekha Rani Puzari as the fourth lecturer in 1983. Late Lokeswar Gogoi was the Head of the Department till his retirement on 31st May, 1990.  We feel proud to mention that he acted as Principal-in-Charge for three months before his retirement from March 1990 to May 1990. After his retirement Late Pramatheswar Chaliha took the responsibility as Head of the Department up to 1993. By 1993 all the three founder lecturers got retired and three new lectures viz. Mrs. Binapani Goswami, Mrs. Deepa Hzarika and Mr. Bijoy Krishna Pachani were appointed gradually. In 1993 noticing the increasing workload  a new post was created and Mrs. Susmita Saikia was appointed in the department who served for a short while. After she left her job Mrs. Mitali Brahma joined as a lecturer in 1999.  From the time of joining all the faculty members had been endeavouring to improve their career.  Mrs. Binapani Goswami completed M.Phil. in 1991 and Mrs. Rekha Rani Puzari received the Ph.D. degree in 1997. She did Post Doctoral research in Okayama University, Japan during 2000-01 under Prof. Kazumi Mazane, a renowned academician in the Department of Economics of Okyama University.  Earlier she also worked on an Indo-US project on Swadhyaya Movement in Taxas A & M University, USA under Betty Millar Unterbeger during 1988-1989.  Mrs. Deepa Hazarika was awarded Ph.D. in 2012.  In 2008 Mrs. Mitali Brahma received M.Phil. Degree under the supervision of Dr. Rekha Rani Puzari from Madurai Kamraj University.  Mr. B.K. Pachani was also awarded Ph.D. in 2009.  All the faculty members attended the mandatory Orientation and Refreshers Courses prescribe by the UGC. Several Seminars and workshop were also attended by the lecturers of the Department.  Presentation of Seminar Papers, contribution of research and articles to the various Journals, (National, International, Local) Periodicals, Magazines and News Letters were done by the faculty members regularly.  At present there are four Associate Professors, one Assistant Professor.  All the faculty members are constantly striving for the well being of the department.
Vision of the Department
The Department is working with the vision of - Imparting historical knowledge of the past with the aim of formulating and implementing plans for a brighter future.
Current Faculty Members
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Dr. Rekha Rani Sarma Puzari
M.A., Ph. D., Associate Professor

Dr. Deepa Hazarika
M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Mitali Brahma
M.A., M. Phil, Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)

Mrs. Binapani Goswami
M.A., M. Phil, Associate Professor

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