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Department of Economics
About The Department
Devi Charan Barua Girls’ College, the first Women’s College Upper Assam was established in Jorhat, 1955.  It is a premier college of Assam which is affiliated to Dibrugarh University, Dibrughar.  A good number of subject were undertaken since the initiation of the institution and Economics (as a core subject) was one of them.  It was originally started with one faculty members Late Dulal Ch. Khound.  Later in the year 1962, the another two faculty members were appointed namely Ms. Punya Bora and Mrs. Nilima Balawat and thereby major classes of the department were initiated in 1962.
Vision of the Department
  • To start survey and surveillance of the neighboring socio-economic structures in the context of livelihood pattern and its transition if it has occurred. Women status and contribution of women in different socio-economic fields that is relevant to development etc.
  • The department aims to convene state-level/national level seminar/workshop in the next academic session.
  • The department would be conducted training programs for the students in service-oriented and income generating fields.
  • Study trip of the Major students to syllabus-related sectors or units will be carried out with help of departmental staff. The reports of their first-handed experience will be later presented in students’ seminar of the department.
Name of Faculty, Designation, Date of Joining and Date of Retirement
Name of Faculty Members Designation Date of Joining Date of Retirement


Late Dulal Ch. Khound

HOD & Lecturer


1971 (Resigned to join Kakojan College as Principal)


Ms. Punya Bora

Lecturer (1962-71)
HOD (1971-91)
SG. Lecturer (1986) Principal (1991-2000)




Ms. Nilima Balawat

Lecturer (1962-86)
SG. Lecturer (1986)
HOD (1991-2000)




Late Shridhar Bhattacharyya

Lecturer (1963-86)
SG. Lecturer (1986)
HOD (1999-2000)




Late Nandita Saikia

Lecturer (1973-1980)


1980 (Expired)


Dr. (Ms.) Mouchumi Konwar Borgohain

Associate Professor & Head



Current Faculty Members
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Dr. Lokesh Boro
M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Dr. Susmita Priyadarshini
M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Dr. Tultul Devi
M.A., Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Dr. Uttara Borthakur Phukan
M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor

D.C.B. Girls College

K.K. Baruah Road, Jorhat
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